about Heidi and of faith & fatness


Of Faith and Fatness was born out of the recognition that folks in the fitness world tend to include faith as a way to entice others into their business, but this mostly excludes anyone in a bigger body and definitely follows the diet culture mentality. After struggling with my own self-loathing revolving around my body size for nearly two decades, I decided to stop the cycle. No more diets, no more weight loss related gimmicks, products, or sales. I embraced intuitive living and allowed me to live free from the rules of body shaming.

However, moving into this new mindset showed me how deeply entrenched our churches are in these body shaming mentalities. We have small groups for diet-fueled weight loss, we discuss from the pulpit how we should look a certain way to ‘honor God’, we assume that fat bodies are destroying “God’s temple”, and it is heartbreaking. These restrictions and rules keep us small minded – we become so focused on discussing thighs that we forget to discuss theology, so focused on the weight of our bodies that we miss the gravity of current social climates. When faith is entrenched in physical bodies, I truly believe we lose sight of others unless they are fueling the fitness-based business. 

I want to change this. I want to invite others to find freedom in loving their bodies as-is, with all the beautifully and wonderfully made parts. I want to help fight the diet culture stigma surrounding us on all sides and give our minds and bodies back to the One who made them.