The Blogger Awakens

I have never been a great liar. I’m sure my parents loved that quality about me. I forgot this blog existed. I go hard, then go home. I start things quickly, and forget them with equal enthusiasm. My apologies.

Life has changed an immense amount since I created this beauty back in 2014! I moved 1,100 miles away from my home city, worked a few jobs before I landed my close-to-dream job, I went a little crazy, and found a thousand ways to freedom through Jesus.

What prompted me to even start (or restart, apparently) a(nother) blog was what I found to be the lack of people talking about how hard it is to live alone sometimes. I was searching for weekly menus (I live on the edge y’all) and all I could find were menus and budgets for a family of four… I clearly might eat like a family of four, but I’m very much living in a small efficiency apartment with my dog. I’ve just found a lack of single gals living alone in tiny places, who wish to share their stories.

Ergo, I’m baaaack. I definitely titled this after the new Star Wars movie. I’m definitely going to see it tonight, for the third time. No shame, Daisy Ridley is my new favorite celebrity. I’ll be writing about faith, lifestyle things, hobby things, dog mom things, single lady things. I just hope to reach the demographic who feels me about stashing up on Talenti gelato when Publix has their BOGO sale, but also does most of her (or his!) shopping at Aldi’s because God’s blessed you with a very low-paying job.



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