Mental Health Mondays

It might just be my social news feed of who I follow on Facebook and Tumblr, but it seems that talk surrounding mental health has blossomed within the past two years. I think its fabulous. We’re so quick to discuss New Year’s Resolutions that involve “being healthier” and most of the time we just mean eating less gelato or drinking less coffee. (For the sake of your mental health, do not make those resolutions, okay?)

Not often do we add to our list “keep fighting your depression” or “remember to take your Seroquel”.

Mental health is definitely part of the whole package, even for the typical population who don’t live with a mental illness. Managing stress, anxiety, anger, and depression all come with the territory of being humans. Atypical ladies and gents have the added pleasure of wonky brain chemistry, inability to rationalize and cope appropriately (hi, yes hello!). Some ‘struggle’ with a mental illness, while others have been blessed with ways to simply live with their illness.

Authenticity is the name of my game, and as I said, I am a pitiful liar; I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for, well, pretty much my whole life. I know for a fact I was an anxious child, though most of my anxiety was probably chalked up to a wickedly vivid imagination. I still can’t watch too many zombie movies before I start to scare myself into doomsday prepping. The depression really reared it’s head in high school (thanks, puberty…), and looking back I can see my cycles very clearly. Most of my depression is relational/circumstantial, and I have to admit I’m probably one of the luckier ones. I won’t ever say I can control my depression, but I’ve come to a place where I can recognize when its chemical, and when its because I just got hurt by someone.

I’ll continue to share openly about my mental health shenanigans, and I’ll use Mondays to check-in on my state, as well as yours, because I love y’all. This is also a reminder to start the New Year off making sure you’re as healthy as you can be, mentally as well as physically!



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