Weekly Menu: January 17 – 23

January is a long month for me in terms of budget-stretching. Because I get paid monthly, my December pay comes before Christmas, and then it is a long haul until the very end of January when I get paid again. This is my first time on salary, so it has been a humbling adventure into the world of budgets, coupons, and buying Ramen in large quantities.

I’m still trying to eat healthy, which is super duper fun on limited income; shockingly Ramen noodles are not full of health benefits. But I’m limiting my meat intake, and y’all know how much meat prices cut into a grocery budget. I’ve yet to cut out dairy because this girl loves cheese and milk a LOT. (Though I did just see a friend’s post about how clear her skin is after cutting out sugar and dairy… Hmmmm). Lots of frozen veggies, lots of repackaging food into freezer baggies, lots of creative combos, but also a lot of repetition. One day, I won’t have to do this, but until then, I’ll survive the pb&j sandwiches twice a week.

The worst part about this is how much you want to deviate after you’ve put it down on paper. The end of last week was all sorts of wonky off my meal plan! Wednesday I stuck to my salad, but I was greedy the night before and had forgotten to save some chicken to add! I threw on some roast beef and called it even. Thursday, I was blessed to have dinner with a friend, and he paid. Saturday I spent the day photographing a women’s ministry conference, lunch included! (God is so good, isn’t He? Giving me all this free food with good people!) This week will hopefully be better.

Hopefully a very little shopping list this week; some fruit, yogurt, and a small package of meat for sloppy joes. The Starbucks will be courtesy of a gift card from Christmas.

Weekly Menu 1:17 – 1:23

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 5.44.51 PM


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