Short Stack Series: Struggle


S T R U G G L E // Some days that’s all it is. Some days are just a struggle. You take them minute by minute, hour by hour. You fight your anxiety, your irritability, your tiredness, your sadness. You take deep breaths when you think no one is watching because otherwise you would suffocate underneath your thoughts. You’re barely hanging on and your fingertips are rubbed raw trying to stay above it all. Be honest; those days happen. Life can be hard. Pretty pictures and flowery words cannot erase hard life lessons and painful realizations. Allow those things to soothe you, but do not deny yourself the recognition of having a hard time. Don’t pretend you’re not struggling, inevitably someone will see right through your façade anyway. When you’re empty and tired and wasted, just keep breathing. You’ve come this far, beat the odds, won more than you’ve lost. I, for one, know we can do it.


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