Snow Day!

I adore winter in Alabama verses winter in Massachusetts. Why? Because when it snows in Alabama, not only does everything shut down, but people get excited about it. In Massachusetts, it snows so dang often that by the time you’re an adult you no longer wistfully wish for snow; no snow days in the real world… Unless you’re blessed to be a teacher, mwahaha.

When it snows in Alabamaland, it is pretty and happy, school gets let out early, and people go play. They make the most of it because it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it does ‘up North’. It snowed a whopping EIGHT inches here last February. It was glorious. I believe I even participated in a snowball fight, which hasn’t happened in many years. Having a dog is a lot like having kids, ergo you take photos of your dog’s first snowfall.




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