Keep Climbing: Don’t Die Here

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Today’s message at church was phenomenal. Our Student Ministries pastor gave a message that has been my favorite out of the whole January series! He spoke about being in the right place, the place where God has called us, not the place where we think we should be. He used King David as an example; King David should have been with his men at war, but instead he stayed home to rest and Satan used that time to lure him into adultery. What a jerk Satan is, am I right?!

Pastor Travis continued on the subject with comparing us to climbers on Mount Everest. On the mountain, there are still dead bodies from hikes in the past, and they’re a morbid sort of marker for future hikers. “Our lives don’t have to be a series of dead points!” He encouraged us to keep hiking, to keep taking just one more step. This year is all about stepping out further than we all have before to make this Kingdom even bigger. I loved the message and all of Travis’ points so much, I wish y’all could sit in on one of tonight’s services because whew, he rocked it.

Sidenote: How hilarious is it that after today’s message about stepping out further, on my walk with Ella I sprained my ankle?? Whatever, Satan.

I encourage you all to self-evaluate this week; where are you at, and where are you going? Are you stepping out in faith? Or are you staying stuck, maybe even running back down the mountain, in fear? I want to make it to that eternal summit, y’all, so I’m gonna keep climbing. Let’s scale this peak together.



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