1.29.15 -> 1.26.16


A year ago, I had only just decided to try and make a life in Alabama. I was living with one of my best friend’s and her generous family. I had lost probably a total of 50 or 60 lbs. I didn’t have a job here, and was still in a sort of life limbo crisis.

A year later, I’m sitting in my apartment in Alabama. I have a wonderful job. My dog has decided to chill out and finally fell asleep on my lap. I’m still in the 200’s, but we’re working on moving into ONEderland in the next few months. I’ve done two LIFE groups, and in plugged in to an amazing church. I’m getting involved in an amazing new women’s ministry called Beautifully Broken, led by my darling friend Jordan.

It really is crazy how much a year can change you. God is so good. He led me through so much last year. Lately I’ve been working on letting go of the control I think I have in my life. I’ve been praying that whatever happens, His ways are better than mine. It isn’t easy but boy it is freeing!

How have you changed since last January? How is God moving in your life in 2016?




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