5 Ways to Embrace Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Look, I know it can be rough this weekend if you’re flying solo. Especially if you’re flying solo and it wasn’t your choice. Heck, even if it was your choice, if you would rather not be single right now, it might be tough. Here are some things we can do to keep our chins up and enjoy our singleness!

  1. Treat Yo’self: Take a leaf out of the Donna Noble Handbook! It can be as elaborate as an all-out spa day, or simply getting your hair trimmed and making a homemade facial mask. Take a bubble bath, buy a book you’ve been dying to read. Do something to make yourself feel special.
  2. Hang Out: Make a date with other single people (of your gender) to grab brunch or make dinner together. Enjoy time with people who can bolster your mood. Birds of a feather flock together; it’s like the cooler, more realistic version of “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird”. I’ll be going to my small group and possibly having lunch with a family from church. Just be around people who won’t make you think about being single.
  3. Go On A Date: I know this seems counter-intuitive since I’m telling you to embrace being single… But look, if you’re single, go mingle! If you’re feeling emotionally stable, give it a shot, especially if you’ve been out of the dating world for a while. Let it be a fun, light-hearted date with zero expectations. (OkCupid, just be picky about who you go out with, and as always, go to populated places. None of this ‘Netflix and chill’ stuff..)
  4. Volunteer: Help take your mind off of your circumstances by helping others. This is always an immediate balm for my soul. Give out flowers to ladies at the local women’s shelter, or just offer to babysit for friends who might need a babysitter for date night. Use your singleness to help others! VolunteerMatch.org
  5. Truly Embrace It: Plan a solo trip (AdventurousKate), go on a mini road trip this weekend (I am obsessed with RoadTrippers.com), make a list of all the things you can do right now that you couldn’t do if you were in a relationship. Maybe you couldn’t be as involved in a ministry opportunity, maybe you just wouldn’t devote as much time to God (guilty), or maybe there is something God has planned for you that He needs your undivided attention for. Literally sit down and make a list. Then pray about it.

I’ve been in constant prayer all month about this stuff. My heart is a hot mess right now. There are things I am praying for that I am unsure God will say ‘yes’ to, in terms of relationship-y things. I continually remind myself that if He says ‘no’, whatever He gives me instead is going to be beyond amazing; I think what I’m praying for is already pretty amazing. It is the sole prayer that has kept me from losing my head.

You’re amazing, smart, beautiful, and worthy of exceptional love. Remember that not all love is romantic; you have friends, family, God, and me – we all love you very much. ❤


P.S. Its totally cool to be bummed about being single on Valentine’s Day. But don’t make weird posts about ‘Singles’ Awareness Day’ or what have you. Just let it go… Please, for the love of everyone’s Facebook News Feeds.



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