Homemade Dog Food, Part One

I’m all about trying to live healthier in all my forms, and I’m one of those neurotic doggie moms who wants her pup to be healthy too. Since I got Ella, almost immediately after she was born, I’ve consistently tried to give her a better diet than just Kibbles N Bits. No judgement to those who slap some Alpo down and call it a day, but I figured if I didn’t want to eat a can of SPAM daily, I didn’t want my dog eating the equivalent. You can call me crazy, its cool.

Usually I just split my food with her, since I trust what goes into it. Recently, I’ve been trying to make her her own food to supplement her dry kibble. Eventually I’d love to feed her 100% real, raw food, but until then we’re working on it.

We got crazy this Friday night… Tonight’s meal:

2 sweet potatoes
1 can of carrots
peelings from my red potatoes
1/4 lb of 80/20 ground beef
pinch of tumeric
1 tsp coconut oil

She ate half for dinner, and I will save half for tomorrow night’s meal. I think we’re going to try some blueberries, peanut butter, and yogurt for breakfast tomorrow!

Heidi (& Ella)


One thought on “Homemade Dog Food, Part One”

  1. That’s great that you try to feed your dog real healthy food, I try my best to do the same with my guy! If you are interested in healthy, natural, home made dog treats check out my blog I will be posting videos and recipes of treats and meals that I do for my guy once in a while. Also, if you are interested in raw food there are some pet stores that sell “meal plans” of raw food that can be a great way to get ideas for DIY 😉

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