Oh, Hello There Handsome!

Recently, I started dating a pretty fantastic man named Dylan. I could already write novels on how God has worked in our lives, separately and together. In the month that we’ve been together, I have learned so much about pursuing a faith-based relationship. In the past, putting God at the forefront of my life was a struggle, let alone putting God IN any romantic relationship. I knew people did that, but I had no clue how.

You’d think that with having so many godly relationships as prime examples, I would be more put together about this stuff. Sadly, Satan is a sneaky butthead who knows exactly how to tempt us with twisted words and faulty promises. I never had a concrete, practical way to apply all the knowledge I had learned in church. I just knew it; applying it to my life was completely out of my league. How could anyone put God between them and their spouse?! How can you love anyone more than your husband?! What do you mean my husband won’t fulfill all my desires and needs?! How rude!

I just had no clue, y’all. None. And the only way I figured it out was to personally pursue Jesus, and build my one-on-one relationship with Him first. This might not be shocking news, but it was monumental to me. Once Big Guy and I were in a better place, I finally understood how He would fit in any other relationship I invested in. Oh, and having honest couples in church who actively shared about their marriages was a huge help! To have a pastor stand on stage and speak about the struggles in his own life as a husband and parent is vital to understanding that Christian lives are far from perfect, ever.

Now that some of the bondage of our previous relationships are gone, and we’re seeking God together, seeing how good this can be is so exciting! In the future, I’ll be writing more about my relationship with Dylan, how God is working in us, and how we’re working on making Him priority! I can’t wait to share this journey with y’all!




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