Short Stack Series: Slowly


S L O W L Y // The sunrise this morning was incredible. It stole my heart as Id rove along the highway. It reminded me why I love living in Alabama; the skies are so expansive and beautiful! But as I was trying to snap a photo, as I was driving (I know… sorry mom!), as I was thinking how good God is, it struck me that I never once thought to STOP. I had to go faster, had to be somewhere else, had to do something else. I didn’t have time to stop just for a sunrise photo!

But truly, I did have time to pull over for a minute and [safely] take a decent image. And I remembered that issue I have where I plan way too far ahead, I rush to the finish line, and I completely forget to slow down and enjoy right now. 

So here’s a reminder for all of us: S L O W  D O W N. Breathe. Enjoy spring as things are blooming. Pull over to take a pretty picture. Sit down to eat with your family. Appreciate the right now. ❤


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