From The Ashes of Defeat

With Him, I will come up from the worst place I have ever been and be victorious.


Lately I have been overwhelmed by the realization that even while I was struggling, God loved me. Even when I was in the middle of purposeful, repetitive sin, God pursued me. ME.

By Your spirit I will rise
From the ashes of defeat

This line continues to bring me to tears. His love is so pure, so good, so unconditional, that He raises us from our ashes into a new life of victory. I was a burned, broken, hot mess, and still He cheered me on into victory. We’re talking 4th and 25 here, folks.* I was nowhere near the goal line. I didn’t even know what the goal line was. He was standing tall next to me even then. Even in my depression, my anxiety, my poor life choices, my defeated relationships, my broken-heartedness. Even then.

And that lyric, those words, they aren’t a wishy-washy statement. It says “will rise”. Not “might rise”, not “possibly but the outlook is not favorable”. It is a absolute – WILL RISE. With Him, I will come up from the worst place I have ever been and be victorious. Who else can say that?! (Hint: anyone who calls Jesus their Savior!) It is so beautiful.

This is my nugget of truth tonight – we will rise from the ashes of our defeat into a victory more glorious than anything we could have ever imagined.

*This is a football term; 4th down and 25 yards to complete the play. It basically is a position that is very far away from scoring a touchdown. No bueno.


3 thoughts on “From The Ashes of Defeat”

  1. That’s victory if I’ve ever felt it down to my bones. I absolutely feel you on this. We all struggle with sins but I think that there’s a different nature Christians adopt when dealing with sin. It’s no longer our death, but the evidence that we have separation from God that needs to be reconciled. God is ALWAYS as close as absolutely possible to us, as intimate as we allow. The only way to be out is if you take yourself out! Otherwise, the rise is inevitable, and the process is a glory to God. Thanks for the post! This song is incredible and I’m glad I’m not the only one to which it gave the courage to take the resurrection power and accept the scandal of grace!


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