Thrifty Thursday

I am terrible at the weekly post setup. I’m just not left-brained enough. I also don’t shop enough every week to provide posts on thrifting or budgeting. Y’all will have to find someone who gets paid every week for that! Woohoo big girl jobs with salary… *listen to all that silence* However since I did go shopping yesterday, I’ll provide a super fun #thriftythursday post this week.

I set my mind to meal planning again this month. Partially because it gives me something to do since I don’t have a 5-day work week for two months! It also is a huge relief to my stress and my budget. I buy what I need for the meals I’ve planned, throw in just a few extras like spices or drinks, and voila, all set.

I’m going to break it down hardcore this month though, because I have seen other budgeting/meal-planing posts in the past and they always left me feeling confused. I only need to shop for one and a half people, since Dylan and I do share meals on the weekends when we spend time together. Most posts are for families, which makes sense, but we all know I am a single gal advocate to the bone! I still buy some in bulk – my freezer might be stuffed to the brim – but obviously perishables come in smaller portions. I’m also going to utilize my local farmer’s market more this summer, since that way I can buy some produce local and I won’t have as much waste!

Anywho, this month’s haul was mostly provided by Aldi’s, that little grocery store heaven I love oh so much. I did do some price matching at Walmart using Aldi’s prices as well.

Item Weight Cost Per Unit Original Cost Sale or Price Match Cost
Flax Seed 15 oz .17 / oz 2.49
Chia Seed 12 oz .33 / oz 3.99
Parsley .5 oz 1.98 / oz 0.99
Garlic Powder 5.5 oz .18 / oz 0.99
Basil 1.2 oz .83 / oz 0.99
Cocktail Peanuts 16 oz .15 / oz 2.39
Plain Yogurt 32 oz .06 / oz 1.89
Large Eggs 2 dozen .49 / dozen 0.98
Ground Sirloin (90/10) 4.66 lb 3.59 / lb 18.13 14.13
Ground Turkey 2.4 lb 2.74 / lb 6.58 4.58
Chicken Tenderloin 4.25 lb 1.99 / lb 8.6
Green Peppers 20 oz (3 peppers) .05 / oz 0.99
Whole Carrots 2 lbs .49 / lb 0.99
Zucchini Squash 3 lg .49 / squash 1.49
Russet Potatoes 10 lb .29 / lb 4.94 2.89
Red Onions 2 lb .85 / lb 3.34 1.69
Frozen California Blend 12 oz .08 / oz 0.99
Frozen California Blend 12 oz .08 / oz 0.99
Frozen Broccoli 12 oz .08 / oz 1.19
Frozen Broccoli 12 oz .08 / oz 1.19
Frozen Brussel Sprouts 12 oz .08 / oz 0.99
Frozen Brussel Sprouts 12 oz .08 / oz 0.99
Quart Freezer Bags 1.99
Arizona Iced Tea – Tall 0.49

Grand Total: 60.28 


The potatoes and onions (not shown) I am particularly proud of. The first price is Walmart pricing, and the second is Price Matching from Aldi’s pricing. (If anyone is interested, I’ll do a post on that whole deal!) I lucked out with the ground beef and turkey – both of those will be cooked or frozen immediately because they were on additional markdowns for being close to out-of-date. Each package of beef was $2 off, each package of turkey was $1.

I somehow misplaced my menu for the month and have to rebuild it, however some of the meals planned included

  • tacos
  • chicken fingers and homemade steak fries
  • fish and chips
  • orange chicken and rice
  • zoodles (zucchini noodles) with meatballs and red sauce

Now some of my meals consisted of food already purchased. See, the beauty of meal planning and buying in semi-bulk is that things last longer than a month! My freezer is my new best friend – she is chock full of frozen meats, breads, fruits, and veggies. It helps keep costs down while still not wasting large amounts of food. For example, the ground beef and turkey I got were both on additional markdowns. I won’t eat that much meat this month, but I will freeze it and save a little on next month’s bill!

There is so much packed into this post! I’ll unpack it in a few additional posts about budgeting, price matching, looking at unit cost verses overall cost, and other tips or tricks I’ve learned! We all know I have a heart for the solo lifers, so all of this is geared towards someone shopping for one person on a budget. I’m excited to go along with y’all on this journey.





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