Tiny Spaces Tuesday

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and I’m finally ready to go for gold. I live in a very small apartment. Now, I know you’re thinking “I’m sure it isn’t THAT small”. Friends, it is THAT small. I haven’t measured it, but I do know my living space is probably 300 sq ft. And I’m being generous because I have not actually measured. That includes my bathroom, by the way.

So, yeah, 300 square feet of space. For me. And Ella. I’m totally not complaining; my space is really plenty for a gal and her dog. It keeps me humble and minimalistic with my junk. My biggest sadness is I don’t have a kitchen. I have a refrigerator! But that is the only kitchen appliance my apartment came with.

Finding ways to make this work have been interesting to say the least. It took me almost two months to decide on what to sleep/sit on because I was torn between a cool loft bed/desk combo or a college-style futon. I mean all I was thinking was “who is going to date a girl with a futon?!”. Shockingly that has never been an issue since I bought it 😉

I really just want to share because I do get asked quite often about how I survive without a kitchen. I’ll go in depth in another post! This is just the tip of the very tiny iceberg. For tonight, I’ll leave you with some very unmanicured, real life images of my space that I snapped today. Someone finally decided to put clothes away and pack up winter wear…

I look forward to sharing and finding new ways to enjoy my little slice of Alabama.



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