Show Me What You’re Workin’ With

My favorite person in the Bible is a one-hit wonder. Literally. She’s mentioned only once, and she’s mentioned because she drove a tent stake through a guy’s head to kill him. I heard her story a while back and thought “I wanna be that awesome.” Her name is Jael.

Jael’s story occurs in the book of Judges, where Deborah is leading an army against King Jabin of Canaan. Jabin’s army was led by Sisera. Sisera’s forces are defeated on a muddy plain, and Sisera flees from battle to somewhere that happens to be where Jael lives with her husband’s clan. Jael invites Sisera in, warms him up, gives him warm milk, watches him sleep, then she “smote Sisera; she crushed his head, she crashed through and transfixed his temples” (Judges 5:26)

I think I want to be Jael because her role was significant in the Battle of Mount Tabor. Between Deborah and Jael, God used two women to defeat the Canaanites. And Jael did her work with what she had right in front of her.

See I suffer from the “when I have ____ I will do ____” sickness. I am not down with this sickness. It hinders me from pursuing many things in my life because I think things must be perfectly aligned before I give anything a chance. I think “when I have more money I will pursue photography” or “when I have paid off my loans I will go back to school”. Sometimes those plans are smart ones, but more than likely they are a byproduct of fear. That fear produces complacency in my life. I become okay with whatever situation I am in because I am afraid of changing anything and failing. I recognize that I’m procrastinating or trying to be perfect or just being lazy, and that the enemy is using that against my godly purpose, but I basically let him come into my tent like Sisera and cuddle with him instead of killing him. I’m complacent about him camping out in my tent!

That fear and complacency rob me of utilizing the tools I have right where I am. See, Jael came from a nomadic tribe, which meant they lived in tents. The women were primarily responsible for everything involving the tents – Jael was basically a tent-maker. So when her moment came, she used exactly what she had in her tool kit. A tent stake and a mallet. She wasn’t focused on it being perfect. She wasn’t searching around for something better to use. She took what she had and used it.

I need to be more like the woman I always looked up to! I must take what I have in my tool kit and use it to serve Jesus. I can’t be complacent with things out of fear. I must consistently seek Him, knowing He will give me all the tools I need to accomplish His goals.



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