I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feelin’… Twenty Six?!

Y’all I turned TWENTY SIX on Sunday. How?! I’m not quite sure. I don’t feel that old? But yet I kind of do. It’s strange, which works well with everything else in my life these days. 

My birthday weekend was spent mostly with my mom and Dylan and Ella Joan (my dog, if you forgot). Saturday was Beautifully Broken Ministries’ Cherished Conference! I shared part of my testimony for the first time to a group of strangers and it was amazing. My mom came down to be there as well! It was just a beautiful experience overall. 

Sunday, my actual arrival date, was spent at church, then shopping at an outdoor mall, then dinner with some of my closest friends here in Alabama. We went to the best Chinese buffet ever and stuffed our faces and talked about Pokemon. Literally nothing better could have happened, unless my three best friends from Massachusetts, and my dad, had showed up. They didn’t but that’s all that would have made it better. 

There was a lot I realized over the weekend but I don’t feel like adding it to this post. I’ll write later about it! I hope you all have had a great weekend and a kickin’ summer and I love you!

xoxo, Heidi


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